Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Visiting New England

We seem to be drawn to New England ... Maine in particular. We just got back and thought I would share some of the places we enjoyed. It was a bit early for fall colors, but it wasn't cold either! In fact, the temps were in the 70s and 80s for the whole trip.

We started at Brimfield, where we spent a few days at the Brimfield antique market. This is a BIG market ... or actually a grouping of a dozen or so markets. The booths this year seemed to be dominated by Americana, architectural salvage and primitives ... things we could not bring back with us on the plane. But we found our share of treasures.

The next stop was a weekend in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts. It was our first visit and we found it delightful. The towns are really small villages, with no more than a few streets. The area is known for its farm to table cuisine and numerous good, small restaurants.

We stayed at the Inn at Stockbridge, which is a wonderful inn with comfortable accommodations, excellent breakfasts and a very friendly staff.

The Inn at Stockbridge
This is the "Barn" where we stayed
The Mount is close by in Lenox. It is the home of Edith Wharton, Pulitzer prize winning author of Ethan Frome and Age of Innocence, among others. The house was closed the day we went (for a wedding) so we sauntered about on the estate grounds which are beautifully landscaped with formal gardens and sculptures.

The Gardens at The Mount
View of The Mount
"Condominium" Sculpture
Fruits of Fancy 2, by Philip Marshall

A fun side trip was a short 30 minutes north to Williamstown for a visit at Cricket Creek Farm. This is a real farm! They have a small herd of cows and make some wonderful cow's milk cheeses. They also sell meat from the pigs they raise. A real glimpse of America's farm roots.

Cricket Creek Farm
The Pigs ...
A calf ... there were six of these little tykes
They even NAME their cows here!

The Cheese, which is quite good
We finished our New England adventure with a leisurely shun-piking trip up to Kennebunk, Maine, where we stayed at our favorite inn ... Bufflehead Cove Inn. Fabulous just as before. Aside from antiquing the shops and markets of southern Maine, we spent a day wandering the cobblestone streets of Portland's Old Port neighborhood on the waterfront. 
Kennebunk meadow
On Bufflehead Cove
Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth

Portland Waterfront
Old Port in Portland
Old Port Exchange Street

Vintage Treasures from New England

We just got back from a buying trip to New England where we found some interesting items for antique collectors and crafters both. Our best finds were an assortment of ephemera. Wonderful miniature books and chapbooks, old schmaltzy valentines, an old penmanship book and handwriting workbook, some interesting WW2 envelopes and an collection of 1940s holiday telegram blanks.

Antiquarian Books
Victorian Chapbooks
Miniature Books
WW2 Envelopes -- some with censorship stamps
Fantastic Telegram Forms for a Variety of Holidays
Penmanship Book and a Handwriting Workbook

Old Valentines -- including unused and postcards too
In addition to the ephemera, we found a number of other treasures.

This is a pair of Grapevine Molds
Porcelain Paint Powders in Vials
Early 1900s Ribbon Medals -- mostly double sided with celluloid images
A Couple of Beautiful Italian Religious Triptychs
This old rubber stamp set is very complete and large. It includes letters and numbers, plus a whole lot of words and images. Alas, this is going in Susan's studio. You'll see these vintage images on cards and tags she makes. Just wanted to share it with you.

Come on in and see our whole cache of treasures ... or contact us about anything you see on this blog.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lights! Camera! Say Cheese!

Early 1900s 5x7 Glass Plate Bellows Camera
Vintage cameras are really a lot of fun. Old fashioned film and camera photography is a lost skill nowadays. Film and developing and printing resources can still be found. However, most vintage cameras lead the life of decorative accessories in offices and dens, residing on bookshelves, in display cases and collection cabinets. They do make a wonderful statement.
Old photographs are great for decorating and for mixed-media artwor. We have lots of them.
We have recently acquired a large collection of cameras and photography accessories ... from old Brownies to more contemporary 35mm SLR cameras and even a couple of miniature or spy cameras. For the most part these cameras appear to be functional ... they are mechanically sound and clean, but we have not actually taken photographs with them. The accessories range from darkroom gadgets to lenses and filters to flashbulb attachments. Fun stuff.

You have got to see this stuff. Come on in!

Some old electrical meters, a Kodak Brownie Box Camera and an Argus Camera. In back is a 35mm SLR and on the right a wind-up movie camera.
Kodak Brownie, Kodak Instant Camera and an Antique 5x7 Camera
Cameras, lenses, filters and an old Paymaster check meter.
Some old darkroom equipment, movie film reels and other stuff.
More cameras and accessories.
Go really old-fashioned with this stereo viewer and slides.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

It's Beach Time!

With the weather so beautiful, it's time to head for the beach. Sail out on the bay in your boat. Get out the fishing gear ... and don't forget the sunscreen!

Vintages is celebrating summer with a super selection of sailboats, shell frames, mermaids and more. Perfect gifts for friends with beach houses ... or your own beach house ... or to make your home a summer beach house. Go for it ... and we will help you.

Here's a gallery of what we have available in the shop.
Shell Sailboats cruise in front of an old map of Florida ... plus a shell encrusted birdhouse and a large abalone shell.

Map paperweights, handmade boats, glass crabs and fish, carved wood sandpipers.

Shell frames, small globes and wooden boats.

Wooden lighthouses and sailboats with shell sails.

Patriotic Red-White-and-Blue sailboats in a variety of sizes.

A whole variety of beach themed decorative items ... and do you remember the sand sifter?

More boats ...

The table to the right is handpainted with shells on the removable tray shelves.
Come on in and say HI.
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